So, you’re ready to chow down on a delicious salad.  Wait, you have boiled eggs in the fridge!  That would be a delicious addition!  But, ugh, every single time, it takes five minutes to get that stinkin’ shell off!!!!!  You determine that it’s almost not worth the torture for the part of the egg that did not get mangled when you pulled off both shell and egg white.  Aaaaaahhhhhhh!  There MUST be a better way!

I had to figure this out!  So, what is the best way to peel a boiled egg?  Oh, you’re going to be shocked at how simple and fast it can be – every single time!


Have you already heard me say I like doing things the easy (most efficient) way?  Well, you’re gonna hear it time and time again, cause that’s how I roll, lol.

Check out the video, below, for a step-by-step instruction video.  Ok, three steps, actually.  Don’t blink, though, cause this goes fast…


You want to end up with the perfect boiled egg, right?!?!!! So, of course, that starts with the boiling of eggs.

Start by placing your eggs in a pot that’s just big enough for the number of eggs you want to cook.

Cover the eggs with water and put on the stove with high heat.

Once the water starts to boil, turn the heat down to medium-high.

Boil for nine minutes.

Immediately place the eggs in a bath of ice water for twenty minutes.

Remove from water, dry, refrigerate.


Finally, I’ve found the way to getting a beautifully peeled boiled egg.  No more eating or serving a mangled, hot mess of an egg – or, being left with basically a boiled egg yolk, lol!

Here we go –

Get a small, sturdy glass that you can comfortably cover with your hand.

Place the egg in the glass, covering the top with the palm of your hand.

Grip tight and shake, shake, shake that egg all around.

Take a look at the egg.  Is the shell peeling off a bit?

If no, shake a few extra seconds.

If yes, starting with the wide end of the egg, peel a hole in the shell.

Slide your finger up under the edge of the shell and simply lift it away from the egg, as you continue to move your finger UNDER the shell.

VOILA, easy peasy, lemon squeezy (thanks Dino Kid for getting that phrase stuck in my head – ha)!  The shell peels right off.

You’re left with a perfectly smooth, gloriously beautiful naked egg.  HA!

I mean, since I eat a boiled every day, this crazy simple method of peeling a boiled egg has been a stress-saving lunch saver!  And, that makes me haaaaaapy!


ME – I cut them up and add them to two big ole spoonfuls of cottage cheese, several pinches of shredded sharp cheddar cheese, and some pepitos (pumpkin seeds).  Delicious!  And, I might add a side of Snapeas, my favorite – healthy – alternative to Cheetos.  Yuuuuumy!

So – I’m totally curious and would love to know what you’re gonna do with your boiled egg!  By itself?  On salad?  Deviled (or, as some of my family calls them “Angel”) eggs?  Bonus points if ya have a recipe to share.  🙂

Blessings and Happy Egg Shellin to ya!



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I’d love to hear your comments!  I mean, how else are we gonna get to know each other and the kinds of things you want to see?  😉


  1. Interesting idea. I Steam my fresh eggs for 20 minutes then put in ice water bath. As soon as eggs are cool enough to handle, crack the eggs on Both ends. This allows the cold water to flow through and separate the membrane from the shell. Let sit a few minutes then roll eggs on side of pot. Eggs will peel perfectly Every time. Store ready to eat eggs in frig. I think I will do some today.

    1. Great idea. You may want to give this a try instead of rolling them. That was always my preferred method, as well – that is, until I tried this! 🙂

  2. Diane,
    Thanks so much for this easy peasy tips on how to crack boiled eggs. I usually boil my eggs for at least 10 minutes then I rinse them off, put them in the cold water and leave them there for a couple minutes. I have always thought that the cold water will help me to peel the eggs easier, that’s not the case.
    So, I will definitely try your practical tips next time. Thanks again for sharing! 🙂

    1. Ferra, Yes! That’s exactly what I’d done my whole life. Then, I discovered this ridiculously easy trick. And, seriously – life-changing, lol! It’s like kitchen magic. 🙂

  3. Many years ago, I discovered a trick to peel eggs quickly.

    Once the egg is done, tap both the top and bottom of the egg against a hard surface and peel some eggshells off on both ends.

    Once it’s done, hold the egg firmly. Take a deep breath then blow air into one of the holes you created. Be sure to cover the hole with your mouth and be sure to catch the egg.

    My daughter loves this trick


    1. That’s both awesome and hilarious, Sonny! I have a cat and mongrel puppy who would love for me to NOT catch the egg. LOLOL!

    1. Same here! And, I also do a dozen at a time, as I like to eat them daily for lunch. This is the perfect alternative to demolishing the egg while deshelling it. ha! 🙂

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